I am Kim, and this is my little collection of digital paintings, sketches, photomanipulations and photography. Please feel free to say hi, ask me questions or inquire about commissions.
Anonymous said:
Hi kim Your work is amazing I love it! I have a question... can you make a digital painting with a photo?

Hi, anon! Thanks for the kind words and for taking the time to ask me a question. I’m guessing you’re talking about taking a photo and changing elements/painting over it in order to make it into an art piece? aka photo manipulation. If so, then yes, I can do that. I actually started that way before I began teaching myself how to digitally paint from scratch. If I post any of those I will tag them with #photomanipulation. Or if you were referring to if I can make a painting from a reference photo, the answer is also yes. 95% of the time I’m using references for anything I paint. I hope that helps! Thanks again :)

ianhinley said:
Thanks so much for the follow. You gave me one of my first "art notes" in a while so I couldn't help but have a look at your blog, and I just loved your work. Can't wait to see more!

It’s my pleasure. Your work is beyond amazing. I hope to be that good someday :) I still have yet to venture much outside the realm of portraits. Also, thanks for following me too. Happy Holidays!

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Hey just wanted to say I really like your art. I was thinking of featuring some of your stuff on my blog if that's cool with you. If you have any other sites like your deviant art or behance you want linked in the description let me know!

Hi! Thank you for asking. I would be honored if you featured any of my art. Feel free :)

Beautiful work Kim, best wishes for every continued success! -Mark

Thank you :) I really like your photography! Wishing you the best too.

Hey, just wanted to say; Love your arts. Best wishes. :)

Hi there. Thanks so much :) You have a great blog!

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